Sunday, November 11, 2007

Childeric Maxy Fights Deportation and wrongful conviction

To whom it may concern,
I was arrested on an incident, where I entered a house by accident; I was drunk and blacked- out. I was convicted and sentenced to 60 years in prison under the Wisconsin's "Truth in Sentencing". The charges were Attempted Intentional, Homicide, Burglary. The Judge said "I'm placing You in the Wisconsin prison system until You die", I was 35 years old.
A few things are wrong with my case:
1) I had no tools (As an accused burglar)
2) 1 blacked-out -There's evidence to prove it,
3) One witness never testified who would negate "Intent" on Intoxication
4) My attorney told me that he could not find the witness
5) Three years later I found that the witness was in the Judge's notes in the transcripts,
6) 7 years later, it came to my attention that the witness' real name is not what's in the judge's notes in the transcripts. (Got the witness' previous place of employment to verify it),
7) Due to this conviction which is my first felony,--Immigration and Naturalization Service gave me my deportation papers.
8)1 have no substantial criminal record (2 Attempts. Battery).

I don't have any money to hire an attorney or investigator to verify the evidence, because all the above statements are true. I tried to litigate this case by myself, but I was denied relief and new evidence has surfaced, I 'm afraid to touch any of it, because I know I will not win in the Judicial system in Wisconsin. I need professional help in this
My case is a classic case of political imprisonment; I believe it was election year too, I believe my attorney played a major role in railroading me. It also was a case of racial discrimination, I was the only black man in the whole courtroom, my constitutional rights were not protected, at least not by the attorney I had at trial.
This is why I ask you to help me fight these powerful peoples:
1) My trial attorney is a court commissioner in another county.
2) My District Attorney is the president of the DA association in Wisconsin and now is the judge of the same court where he prosecuted me.
3) My judge is an ex- DA and rumors are going around that his daughter was addicted to heroin due to her affair with a black man and his niece got killed by a drunk driver so a black man or drunk does not have a chance in front of him. No mercy in his courtroom for those two groups, and I belong to one of those groups.
Additional information:
1) The DA is name is Scott Horns of Lacrosse County, now Judge.
2) Trial attorney is Russell Hanson, of Westby, Wisconsin
3) Trial judge is Judge Michael Mulroy
4) First trial attorney is Michael Colgan of LaCrosse
5) The witness name is "Kevin Larson". The witness's last place of employment was Kwik Trip of French Island. 105 Clinton ST Lacrosse 54603.
6) I did not have a weapon. I was accused of trying to kill the victim with my bare hands.
7) The witness would testify to: cameras being in the store, and to seeing me in my confused state before I blacked out. The witness worked 2nd or 3rd shift. It was between 11 am and 12 am.
8) I saw his name tag. Kevin saw me when I was wet, in muddy clothes and shoes etc.
I Need to verify The name and information of my witness and to find out what he remembers on that night. If you would like to help me or would like more information contact:

Childeric Maxy #332930
WCI PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963
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