Saturday, November 10, 2007

help David against Goliath

My name is Childeric Maxy, I'm 42 years old. I've been incarcerated for 7 years now. I was arrested on an incident where I entered a house by accident; I was drinking and smoking marijuana. I also took some pills for a headache ( so I thought), I blacked out, because I don't remember the majority of the actions that I was accused of doing . I don't even remember how I got in the house.
I was found guilty convicted of all the charges .And the Judge sentenced me to sixty years in prison under the (WISCONSIN TRUTH IN SENTENCING), The charges were: 1) Attempted Intentional Homicide, 2) Burglary. Although I don't remember entering the house and I did not have burglary tools, a gun or a knife, I was convicted of trying to kill a man,choking him with my hand .
I do not recall any of those actions, the jury didn't believe me, nor the judge. At my sentencing the judge said to me " Mr. Maxy I'm giving you this sentence to place you in the Wisconsin Prison system till You die". I was 35 years old and have a criminal record of two misdemeanors ( Attempt Battery). This also is my first felony.
There are a few things wrong with my case:
1)1 blacked out (there's evidence to prove it) the police reports stated that when I got arrested I said "Where am I ?" and " What happened?" and of course I was laying in a pool of blood ( My own blood) because the owner of the house did fight me ( He and his wife).
2) One witness who saw me in my state of confusion about a minute before the incident never testified in front of the jury . My attorney told me that He could not find the witness. He lied.
3) Three years later, when my appellate attorney gave me the transcripts, I found out that the witness name was in the Judge's notes in the transcripts ( to testify), except he was not called.
4) 7 years later I found out that the name which the lawyer ( my attorney) gave the judge is not the witness's real name. So he gave the wrong name to prevent me from contacting the witness. But I know the witness's place of employment. I need a private investigator to investigate that potential issue for me.

That's why I need help. I make 15 cents an hour for 80 hours every two weeks. I do not have money for legal representation . All of the above statement are true. I learned the law to try to litigate the case myself, but I keep getting the running around in the legal community. and I found out those that I 'm fighting are too powerful for me to fight with the little knowledge that I acquired in my seven years of incarceration .

In the judicial community I'm like the Kitty against the Lions and little David against the
Goliaths. Every time I brought an issue to the court, it was knocked down no matter how legitimate the issue is. All knocked down by the Federal, State courts, they are one community. So I realized that only fire can fight fire. That is why I need professional help, in order to bring this case to the courts; if I'm to find relief. I have no funds.
So I appeal to you friends in the World Wide Web to help me with raising the legal fund that I need for this Battle of the Rich and the Poor. I also want expose the dark evil in this small community and the dark evil in the Wisconsin judicial community. Some Judges, Attorney are fair while some of them are evidently crooked. So exposure is needed You might be next. I'm still fighting. Will you help me fight them?
My attorney who was hired by the state of Wisconsin to represent me did not even try. I learned that later. He was the main player in railroading me. My constitutional rights were not protected. I cant fight those powerful people by myself. I need help.

Will you help me in any way you can to bring true justice ? Anything you can do for my legal fund . Also telling another person about it will help. You could be next.
All communications to :
Childeric Maxy #332930
WCI; PO BOX 351; Waupun, wi 53963+
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